To Vaccinate or Not Vaccinate: That is the Question


Some of the larger concerns made by anti-vaccination proponents is that:

·         Vaccines are credited for saving lives:

That smallpox and polio have been largely eliminated, and the benefits of vaccinations are important to ensure the so called “herd immunity”, and that vaccines had nothing to do with the decline in the number of deaths caused by diseases over the past century.


·         Vaccines are the cause of an epidemic of autism in children:

1 in 50 children now has autism. Dr Tinus Smits MD (Homeopathic Dutch doctor who passed away in 2010 of cancer) estimated that 75% of autism cases are vaccine-related, and many other authorities dispute the claim that vaccines do not cause autism is a massive deception.


·         Vaccines are causing wide spread epidemics of:

Diabetes, allergies, asthma, ear inflammations, ADHD, and other neurological issues including childhood cancers and leukemia, because babies and children’s nervous and immune systems are being poisoned with neurotoxins, allergenic and carcinogenic substances.


·         Vaccines contain harmful levels of Mercury and are poisoning our children:

Hi levels of mercury are contributing to the incidences of Autism in the USA.


About 4 million children are born each year in the USA, so on average that is around 11,000 children born each day. Of that number more than 400 are born with some sort of congenital anomaly. I have found no evidence in my research as yet that would suggest that vaccinations received as child had an impact on birth defects to a newborn.

Inactivated vaccines given to mothers during pregnancy; specifically the Flu vaccine and Tdap (whooping cough). According to information at, “Every year in the United States, between 20 and 30 babies die from whooping cough. Almost all of them younger than 2 months- the age at which babies receive their first Tdap shot”. (Note Tdap does not contain mercury).

Congenital abnormalities are caused by problems during development before birth. The vast majority of congenital abnormalities have no known cause.

However certain illnesses during pregnancy can cause serious congenital issues namely chicken pox and rubella which could have been prevented by the mother if she were vaccinated for these infections.